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  1. To abide by the school rules and thus help in fostering the spirit of harmony resulting from self-imposed discipline.
  2. To be punctual in all activities.
  3. To remember always your duty to yourself, your school, your community and to your fellow beings.
  4. To be honest and courteous in dealing with others, truthful in speech, sporting in behavior.
  5. To take responsibility of school property as well as personal property and co-operate with those who have been delegated responsibilities.
  6. To observe personal cleanliness and to keep the school premises neat and clean.
  7. To lend a helping hand at home to your parents, brothers and sisters and in school to teachers and fellow students.
  8. To be moderate in the spending of pocket money.
  9. Always try to think and work constructively to make the world a better place to live in.
  10. To act as an Ambassador of the School and create goodwill for your beloved institution everywhere.
  11. To manifest virtues of Politeness, Kindness, Nobility, Integrity, Honesty and Truthfulness in behaviour, both at School and home.
  12. To be proud of the School and show it in conduct, behavior and achievements.
  13. To respect elders, especially parents and teachers.


  1. You should be habitually clean and neatly dressed. The School uniform is to be worn on all School days and on all occasions or functions organized by the School.
  2. Students who are not properly dressed will be sent back home.
  3. No shouting and whistling is allowed in the School premises.
  4. Observe order and decorum befitting the occasion.
  5. You must not lend or borrow money or other articles to and from others.
  6. The School will not be responsible for loss of books, money and other valuables brought by you to the School. However, every effort will be made for its recovery, if reported to the Teacher immediately.
  7. All students must bring the school diary, books & note books regularly according to the time table.
  8. Those who travel by bus should wait at the bus-stop in an orderly fashion and should not board or alight from the moving bus or project any part out of the bus nor should they stand on the foot board of the bus.

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