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  • Foreign Languages

    Dear Parents
    Greetings from Shemford Futuristic K12 School, Auraiya!
    Taking up a new language enhances and improves memory function and cognitive functions. You gain a broader outlook and an increased understanding of the world. New cultures and diversity become accessible to you. A second or third language is increasingly useful in an increasingly globalized world, not only for boosting confidence and self-esteem, but also for enhancing your career prospects.
    In addition to the three languages, they already know: Hindi, English, and Sanskrit, our students will study one more international language for better career options and a step towards becoming global citizens.
    We are pleased to announce that classes V and VI at Shemford Futuristic K12 School, Auraiya, will begin studying foreign languages in July. The students have the option of giving two preferences.
    1. German
    2. Japanese
    3. French
    Fill out the Google form with relevant language preferences for your ward within this
    Best Regards

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