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National Science Day

The essence of science is independent thinking, hard work, and not equipment. - Dr CV Raman To commemorate Dr CV Raman and his discovery related to the Raman Effect, February 28 is observed as National Science Day. National Science Day was celebrated with great zest and zeal at Shemford Futuristic K-12 School, Auraiya on 28/02/2022 to promote the importance of science in our day-to-day lives. All the students from Class I to XII participated in the event and showcased their scientific skills through hands-on activities and experiments. The students talked about the working and importance of Traffic lights, reasons for change in seasons and formation of day and night etc. They also demonstrated the process of water cycle, showcased layers of earth, dramatized food chain and the planets of the solar system. Working models of various Organ systems, Disaster alarm, Speaker, Gas torch, Projector, DC Cooler, Water Dispenser, Wireless Electricity Transmission, and natural disasters (earthquakes/ natural disasters) were demonstrated. Dr Meenakshi Narula, the Principal, appreciated the students for their unparalleled work, critical thinking, and demonstration of scientific abilities. She congratulated the Science department for its efforts to develop a scientific temperament in the students.

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