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  1. In the event a meeting is necessary with the school head,Coordinator or techers(Mentors/Facilitators),contact the front desk.
  2. Appointments will be at the discretion of the front desk based on the time schedule and the nature of the query.
  3. Appointments will be on one to one basis to adress the individual issues.
  4. Appointments of different parents cannot be combined.
  5. Parents will be allotted a time slot to meet the teachers during the PFMs.
  6. Parents are expected to adhere to their alooted time so as avoid causing any kind of inconvenience to themselves and to other parents.


"Regular attendance is important to help the students form a sense of regularity,punctuality and continuity in studies."

  1. Students are required to be punctual to school and arrive 5 minute before the school time
  2. Late-comers need to report the security room or reception and get teir names entered in the record book.
  3. The students who regularly come late to the school (more than three times),will be allowed to attend the class only after parents meet the concerned teacher/school head.
  4. No half days or early leave will be permitted for the students.In case of emergencies,written permission would be required from the school head.
  5. Minimum 75% attendance for the entire academic year is required for promotion of the child to the next grade.The school has the authority to call parents of students with low attendance.
  6. Parents should fill up the "Record of absence form" for each time the student is absent from school stating the reasons for absence.Leave application should sent for absence of more than 3 days clearly stating the reason for absence.
  7. The students, who have been sick for more than 3 days should bring a Medical Certificate from their doctor or doctor's prescription along with the leave application on the first day of re-joining the school
  8. When a long term absence is anticipated,the parents/guardians should take the written permission from the school head,typically 15 days in advance.
  9. It is mandatory for the students to attend the first and the last day of school(i.e. before and after every vacation).If due to some unavoidable reasons they are.
  10. Unable to do so, a written permission from the school head needs to be taken before the child can attend the academic session.
  11. No assessments,tests,examinations will be rescheduled or re-conducted to accommodate a students's absence.Please note that the failure to attend the final examinations without the school head's permission may lead to repetition of the same class in the next academic year

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